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Blog/ Sep 22, 2017

How B2B2X will help service providers exceed business goals

As the demand for flexible and efficient Billing/OSS platforms continues to skyrocket, service providers are feeling the pressure to adjust their models to remain competitive.  We currently exist in a unique and exciting atmosphere - The Usage Economy - where customers are seeking systems based on value of usage for services that reflect the customer-experience delivered.


If you’re looking to gain a competitive advantage, significantly boost your company’s bottom line, and strengthen customer relationships for long-term, recurring revenue: keep your head in the clouds.


Customers in the current digital landscape desire flexibility within all areas of their service, especially with business models contained within a multi-layered, B2B2X environment.  To drive innovation for your business while keeping your infrastructure lean and agile, opt towards Billing-as-a-Service (BaaS).


Better Serve Your Customers Evolving Needs

So, why are so many enterprises making the switch towards BaaS? Really, it comes down to better serving your customers’ ever-evolving needs; LogiSense’s customers’ customers - enterprises and channel partners - are by extension our customers, hence the term “B2B2X” as a buzzword regarding BaaS in the telecom industry.


Customer’s desire value based on usage of services, and enterprises are looking to remain agile while boosting the bottom line: B2B2X is the way to do it as a win-win-win.  Accordingly with the customer demand, enterprises have come across a plethora of associated hurdles when it comes to making the switch to BaaS for a customer-centric approach - the biggest being running into a Skynet-esque IT wall where your enterprise doesn’t have the resources and time to jump over.


With LogiSense’s tools, that hurdle becomes a small step: we make the right tools available to our customers and 3rd parties to speed up time to marketing while maintaining an opportunity-based, customer-centric model that serves their needs and maintains a level of ease when your enterprise makes the transition.


By leveraging a cloud-based model for billing, you not only boost your bottom line for long-term, recurring, predictable revenue, but significantly strengthen your customer experiences and relationships in the long-run.


Boost Your Bottom Line

As a service provider, billing as a service reduces lead-time, operational costs, and acts to streamline your overall operations through increased efficiency; onsite billing systems require large - oftentimes cumbersome - up front investments and difficulties with account activation/invoicing.

Providing white label billing capability as a new revenue stream boosts your bottom line through its agility in real-time to monetize subscription and usage-based billing models across the entire value chain.


As for your end customer - who is also our customer in the B2B2X model - you don’t have to worry about sourcing a method for a turnkey solution: BaaS provides ease to the entire billing process through remote, cloud-based access - all with 0-low CAPEX investments and early overhead.


The money saved can be re-allocated to the other parts of your business cycle to effectively boost your bottom line by focusing on the success and efficiency of the billing process itself.


Cloud-Based Advantage

How do you truly maximize recurring revenue and retain flexibility within your billing solutions? The main advantage of LogiSense’s cloud solution is that as a provider, you don’t need to hassle with having to replace your existing billing solution; BaaS provides a system that complements your existing infrastructure and cost center assets.


A Better Experience with Recurring, Long-Term Revenue

Opposed to the traditional model where customers had to find, configure, and deploy their own billing solutions, LogiSense’s BaaS model enables customers to transform legacy and inflexible selling models to ones which are more personalized to the client's requirements and therefore strengthens the customer experience/relationship as a whole.


It’s a win-win: service providers significantly increase their revenues, while Enterprises now have the support and enablement they need to become more profitable over various mediums and providers - complex billing made simple.


From Cost-Centers to Revenue-Generating Assets

With LogiSense BaaS, customer-centric and business-centric needs are equally met: customers are able to subscribe or pay-per-usage for the services that are truly valued by them; businesses provide ease to their entire billing process with real-time charging, billing, provisioning, customer care and remote accessibility that saves on overhead costs.


To learn more, see how BroadSoft has enabled LogiSense B2B2X billing to help enterprises and channel partners get to market quickly with a turnkey cloud based monetization suite.


If you are ready to accelerate your business’ success and strengthen your customer relationships, contact us at LogiSense or request a live demo to see how our solutions can meet your unique needs.


About the Author

Chris Brown /

Chris has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry dealing with Fortune 2000 enterprises and service providers globally. As VP of Innovation Chris interacts in the market and internally providing: technical leadership and vision, mentorship, and creative problem-solving.


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