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Blog/ Jul 23, 2019

Mediating Usage Feeds with Powerful Configurations and Transforms

Mediating usage feeds can be a complex process of reading headers, making sense of multiple fields, and classifying records. To stay on top of adding new usage feeds you need powerful tooling to make it easy


Processing Usage from Multiple Sources


As organizations grow and start to process many different types of usage and feed sources, the cost of managing and maintaining those feeds starts to grow as well. In order to keep that cost down, you need a simple but flexible set of rules to ensure those various sources of data all conform to the format that your Billing system needs, all within one place. When these rules change, there needs to be a simple way to make those updates, either through a rules engine UI or via API calls. The same workflow needs to be there when new feeds need to be added, either by acquisition or expanding your current product offerings. 

Mediating Usage from Around the World

Business can be conducted from anywhere. Phone calls, data, anything can be monetized from any location around the globe. If you're not capturing this usage and charging for it appropriately, someone else will. Logisense's GeoTree can classify any incoming usage from anywhere in the world and rate it according to the rate decks configured within the Billing system. There's no limit to how granular or broad you want that setup to be. Whether you want the most competitive pricing for any location in the world, or just want to ensure you're charging for all the usage that your clients generate, the GeoTree and LogiSense's Rate Plans can be configured for any use case you have.


While eliminating errors in usage processing is always the goal to strive for, sometimes they are unavoidable. The important thing is that when they do happen, there is a way to diagnose what the issue was, fix it, and reprocess the failed records. LogiSense's Remediation workflow allows exactly that. Any records that fail to process will be held in a table with their associated error. These errors could be something like next month's rates weren't in the system yet or a new device started sending in usage before it was provisioned in the Billing system. You can verify the attached issue is fixed and with one click, send it back for reprocessing. This workflow is designed to quickly resolve any exception records that come in so nothing is missed when it comes time to generate invoices.


The power and flexibility that LogiSense's Mediation engine can provide turn any complex feed logic into a simple transformation. By turning each field of a feed into a function parameter, you can apply any kind of logic you want to them. Is your unique identifier a combination of multiple different fields? Do you rate your usage differently based on the location it originated from and how it was generated? Does your rate plan depend on the first few characters of your identifier? All of these cases and more can be set up simply with our Mediation data transformations.


LogiSense Billing comes equipped with a state-of-the-art rating and mediating engine that gives you the power and flexibility to maximize the revenue you earn via your usage feeds. By allowing you to accommodate an endless suite of use cases and the ability to quickly correct any expectations, you can be sure the data is being rated accurately and efficiently to your specifications.


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Chris has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry dealing with Fortune 2000 enterprises and service providers globally. As VP of Innovation Chris interacts in the market and internally providing: technical leadership and vision, mentorship, and creative problem-solving.


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