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Blog/ Jun 20, 2024

Monetization Debt, the Avoidable true cost of Copy & Paste

Technical debt is a commonly understood term within the software industry, representing short-term gains in exchange for ongoing maintenance costs. Similarly, "Monetization Debt" causes various expenses to businesses that compound over time, especially when customer-specific customization is required. Early on, these customizations are manageable, but as a business scales, manual billing processes can become a significant burden.

Mathematical Model

  • To illustrate, let’s assume:
  • ARR per new account: $25K
  • Customization requirement: 1 in 10 new deals
  • Initial deal closure rate: 20 deals/month
  • Sales velocity growth: 6% month-over-month
  • Manual billing effort per account: 30 minutes
  • Billing staff cost: $100K/year
  • Billing error rate: 5%
  • Customer churn due to billing errors: 5%

Impact Over Time

Initially, the effort required for manual billing is minimal. We sold 20 deals this month and 2 of them required some manual love from the Finance team, no big deal. 1 hour wasted effort, little chance of errors in billing accuracy. However, as sales and customizations increase, the finance team faces a significant workload, leading to delays in invoice processing and customer dissatisfaction. Over a period of three years, the manual billing effort grows exponentially, causing financial strain and customer churn. We are now managing 255 manual accounts, burning 18-19 days a month of effort, misbilling 12-13 accounts per month, and most departments are now feeling the pressure of not connecting all their critical data together.

The Real Costs

Beyond the immediate financial costs, incorrect invoices lead to delayed payments, increased billing disputes, and a loss of customer trust. By the end of six years, a business could be churning $136K of ARR monthly due to billing issues.

Solution: Automated Quote to Cash Process

To avoid Monetization Debt, businesses need a Quote to Cash process that allows for product catalog personalization by account and a robust mediation/data management strategy to support flexible billing based on actual usage.

LogiSense offers a comprehensive billing platform designed to eliminate Monetization Debt. Our solution supports automated quote to cash processes, ensuring that your billing operations are scalable and accurate. With LogiSense, you can avoid the pitfalls of manual billing, reduce customer churn, and optimize your revenue streams.

Additionally, our platform is designed to handle complex billing scenarios, such as tiered pricing, usage-based billing, and customizable billing cycles, providing a flexible and robust solution for your billing needs.

Contact us now for more information on how you can avoid Monetization Debt with our billing platform.


About the Author

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Ryan is a seasoned telecommunications expert with a broad background in both the service provider and software vendor sides of the business. Ryan is currently responsible for worldwide sales at LogiSense. During his tenure, Ryan has held executive level positions including Senior Sales Executive, and Director of Sales. In these roles, he has provided strategic sales, product, and market guidance for our next generation IP service management solutions.


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