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Blog/ Jun 15, 2021

Struggling to Monetize IoT Usage with Zuora?

The evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) and maturing underlying technologies are giving businesses new and unique ways to communicate, connect and collect data like never before. With businesses bringing in unique offers and contracts to tap into and attract their customer base, there is an ever-increasing need to capture and monetize this data effectively. 


The installed base of IoT-connected devices will soar to 43 billion by 2023.  To be able to meet this complex challenge, these businesses need to partner with a trusted and proven market leader in Business Support Systems (BSS) that can scale to meet the ever-expanding customer base for the IoT businesses, support the unique IoT business requirements and monetize it all with ease.


Are you in the market for the first time, evaluating solutions and looking for ways to monetize IoT Usage? Or, have you deployed Zuora and are having challenges adapting to the flexibility the IoT use cases require from the Business Support System (BSS) and thus failing to:

  • Implement a scalable usage mediation to process and monetize complex usage.
  • Enable seamless usage-based auto-activation
  • Personalize usage pooling/sharing rules by customer, order, or product. 
  • Empower your customers to view and be notified of their usage in real-time and report on consumption to keep your customers and business always informed 

LogiSense provides you with the freedom to innovate usage-based pricing models at scale. 

Dealing with Mediation and Data Management

For IoT systems, be it business applications (dynamic applications, mobile app), Connectivity (data transmission and device connectivity), Devices (connected cars, equipment), etc., data exchange and communication are the critical aspects of the ecosystem where interaction among devices, systems, and services is the expected mode of operation. In order to monetize these IoT solutions, it is crucial to mediate the usage, i.e. collect, translate, enrich and track the data from these IoT devices and the outcomes they are delivering.


With Zuora lacking in native support for usage mediation, data management, and transformation, are you sinking hours into Professional Services trying to collect the data from different sources to feed it to the billing system? Do you require a 3rd party application to get the data ready for your billing system?


Wouldn’t you rather have a billing system that provides a modern visual user interface-driven approach for mapping feed data from any source, making it possible to do things natively from the billing system without the need for you to make additional investments in collecting and feeding the data for processing? 


LogiSense provides a robust mediation and rating engine optimized for performance and scale and is built ground up to support mediation with a no-code/low code approach. Complex scenarios where there is a need to mediate and rate partial records spanning over months or even years or normalize wireless carrier sources are all supported natively by LogiSense Mediation.


Visual Map


I Care About Usage Pooling

In the IoT space, we have seen businesses struggle with Zuora and other billing systems to provide personalized usage pooling/sharing. LogiSense provides a sophisticated feature set for supporting various ways in which Usage could be pooled/shared. 

  • Aggregated Single Mobile Network Operator (MNO)

Each SIM will contribute the stated data allowance, which will go into a pool, and any SIM in that pool will be able to consume the data in that billing period. 
  • Aggregated Multiple Mobile Network Operator (MNO)

Each SIM will contribute the stated data allowance, and any SIM within that aggregated bundle will be able to consume from the bundle. These will also be contributing different data allowances.
  • Monthly Data Bundles

A customer will purchase a data bundle that will be invoiced monthly and can connect any number of SIMs to this data bundle.
  • One-off/Overage Data Bundles

A customer will purchase a bundle for a one-off fee. This bundle decreases in real-time as it's used. The bundle will expire once all the data has been consumed or when a time period is reached.  This could auto-refill in many scenarios as well.

Keep me informed

Are your customers complaining about bill shock? Do you want to be able to keep your customers informed about their usage consumption based on configurable threshold limits? Would you like to provide creative usage summaries or detail within, or along with your Invoice?  Are you in sales and struggling to price the Usage in a competitive manner? Or are you in finance and don’t understand the true cost of your usage? Stop being handcuffed by your current solution - reach out to LogiSense.



About the Author

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Ryan is a seasoned telecommunications expert with a broad background in both the service provider and software vendor sides of the business. Ryan is currently responsible for worldwide sales at LogiSense. During his tenure, Ryan has held executive level positions including Senior Sales Executive, and Director of Sales. In these roles, he has provided strategic sales, product, and market guidance for our next generation IP service management solutions.


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