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Join LogiSense at Enterprise Connect Orlando 2018

Posted by Ricky Gill on 3/12/18 1:55 PM

This week’s Enterprise Connect conference in Orlando, Florida has us excited to see what’s possible in the world of unified communications, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things.

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Streamline Operations and Channel Billing

Posted by Drew Maddison on 10/2/17 11:06 AM


SIMPLIFY your billing and LOWER TCO. No, really.

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Partner with LogiSense and Reduce Channel Costs

Posted by Drew Maddison on 9/25/17 11:09 AM


Are billing costs killing your MSP channel? Help is here.

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Drive More Channel Revenue with the LogiSense Partner Program

Posted by Drew Maddison on 9/19/17 2:04 PM


LogiSense is committed to helping communications service providers and resellers MONETIZE and DIFFERENTIATE their unified solutions with carrier-grade B2B2X usage rating and billing.

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The Era of Seat Based Subscription Billing is Nearing its End

Posted by Ricky Gill on 6/20/17 12:00 PM

In a recent KPMG survey of technology industry business leaders it was predicted that Cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) are to be two of the most disruptive technologies which will drive business transformation in the enterprise over the next three years in the United States.

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Billing and Taxing for Communication Service Providers (CSPs)

Posted by Russell Andrade on 6/12/17 9:38 AM

For Communication Service Providers, taxation is an important element of their monetization strategy and cannot be overlooked.  The famous words from Benjamin Franklin spring to mind: “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  Taxation can get complex and having the right systems in place to automate that complexity are paramount.   As a central player in catalog management and billing transactions, the billing platform becomes a key actor in the configuration of catalog and account level taxation rules.  This makes it even more important that companies integrate with a Billing system that has the flexibility to handle their tax needs no matter how complex.

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The Growing Appeal of UCaaS

Posted by Louie Conceicao on 7/4/16 12:00 AM

Modern businesses, of all sizes, are facing an unprecedented need for making decisions regarding their enterprise communications and the required solutions. These decisions not only impact their overall immediate success but put forth their intentions for the highly connected, smart business models of the future. Integrated enterprise communication tools and omniscient mobility are both high on the demands list for service providers and enterprises alike.

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Top 5 Mission Critical Considerations for Back Office Usage Rating & Billing Solutions

Posted by Louie Conceicao on 5/2/16 11:14 AM

The enterprise ecosystem of connected things is poised for explosive growth with anywhere from 20-40 billion connected devices coming online by 2020.

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IoT Creating Inflection Point for Service Providers

Posted by Ricky Gill on 1/4/16 12:00 AM

By all accounts, the Internet of Things (IoT) is still in its early days. Analyst firm Gartner predicts more than 26 billion devices will be connected by 2020. IDC is even bolder, predicting nearly double that amount in the same timeframe. This is happening both on the consumer side of IoT, as new devices such as refrigerators and home security systems come online, and in the traditional machine-to-machine (M2M) communications space, which can be referred to as the B2B IoT.

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