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Why State Based Pricing is Important in IoT

On September 7 By Chris Brown

The state of an IoT SIM will inevitably affect monetization and how it affects the way you conduct business. We're here to help you decipher how...

Step-By-Step Guide to Selecting a Modern Billing Solution

On August 21 By Tim Neil
So, you no longer want to keep your service offer bundled up in a straight jacket – fantastic!

We’re here to help. Choosing the right billing...

New Revenue Opportunities for Telecom Companies

On July 23 By Ryan Susanna, VP of Sales and Marketing

Is your telecommunication company at the tipping point of change?  Leaders in the telecom space have the opportunity to diversify their operations...

Is Your Organization GDPR Compliant?

On July 9 By Ryan Susanna, VP of Sales and Marketing

Learn how LogiSense can provide you with the tools to make compliance easier.  May 25th will mark a turning point in data privacy around the world...

The Challenges of Smart Billing for Periodic or Seasonal IoT Devices

On July 9 By Ryan Susanna, VP of Sales and Marketing

Industry reports assume that all connected devices will run 24 hours per day for seven days.  But will they all run continuously?

The Over-The-Top Service Threat to the Telecommunications Industry

On June 25 By Ryan Susanna, VP of Sales and Marketing

Telecommunications companies used to provide communication platform as a service at the end of a value chain that they themselves has built from...

4 Ways to Execute Your IoT Strategy with LogiSense

On February 28 By Ryan Susanna, VP of Sales and Marketing

How are you planning on executing your IoT monetization strategy in 2018?

Great ideas are critical to strategic planning, but only execution...

Challenges of Monetizing the Internet of Things in 2018

On February 28 By Tim Neil

The Internet of Things has already begun to change the way businesses generate revenue. Gartner predicts that the world will host 20 billion...

10 Creative Ways to Drive Revenue with the IoT

On February 26 By Ryan Susanna, VP of Sales and Marketing

Every connected device creates a new opportunity to generate revenue for organizations savvy enough to leverage the data. These companies didn’t...

How B2B2X will help service providers exceed business goals

On September 22 By Chris Brown

As the demand for flexible and efficient Billing/OSS platforms continues to skyrocket, service providers are feeling the pressure to adjust their...